Creatives are different.

Craft a brand that looks (and sounds!) true to you. 

Rarest Fortune provides branding for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. We blend voice and visuals to craft cohesive online platforms for creators, makers, doers and dreamers. Through names and taglines, logos, websites and fresh copy, we help you reach your business goals and support the life you were made for.

Our deepest, soul-filled mission is to help you brave the chasm between how your brand looks and how it sounds. Between where you are and where you want to be. In the gap lies powerful, uncharted potential, and we’re ready to explore it together.


Why Rarest Fortune?

We believe creatives like us (and you!) are rare. We’re fortunate. But more than anything, we’re in this together. So instead of hiring multiple contractors to cobble together a website, you get a writer-designer duo that works hand-in-hand to craft your cohesive brand. No more searching the entire internet trying to piece together a team that can work well together. We believe the best creations are collaborations, and friends are the greatest fortune you can find.

Let’s work together.

Tell us more about your business, and we’ll tell you how we can help.


It was so fun to see them take what was in my head and heart as a part of my vision and translate it to color, shapes, images, fonts, and words. Overwhelming, really.
— Lisa Cressman, Backstory Preaching