We were born to do this.

Our life is our work, and our passions are our professions.

Meet the duo behind Rarest Fortune, and see how two heads (and hearts) are better than one.




Hi, I’m Jessica. I started my creative adventure as book and packaging designer, and today I create brands and digital products for small businesses and emerging brands. I don’t believe you have to play by corporate rules to create something meaningful. I believe beautiful, intentional visuals shape the way people see your business, and I love bringing the best of your work to light.




Hi, I’m Jessica, too! I’m a creative writer with a degree in communications and experience on small, 3-man creative crews and global marketing teams. I’ve been a journalist, a public relations professional, and an in house copywriter — but nothing compares to working with small business owners and creatives like you. I believe original, true-to-you content is the core of a sustainable brand, and that saying what you mean can make all the difference.



The best creations are collaborations.

From designers to event planners, artists and coaches, we know creativity isn't just about what you sell. It's about how you live. And no one knows your business and life like you do. So we work collaboratively with our clients to craft brands that are a true representation of who you are, what you do, and why.

We’ve worked with hundreds creatives, but but we approach each branding project like it's the first time. There may be a million photographers, designers, and consultants but there is only one you. What you have to show and say to the world may not be revolutionary, but it can be radically original. Our job is to explore what makes your work unique and blend your story into your brand.


We'd love to work with you!