Why we collaborate


We decided to start Rarest Fortune because we know that two heads (and hearts!) are better than one. We're a writer and a designer, and together we can create more for our clients.

You know what they say... If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So many designers, writers, and web developers are going at it alone. The result? Fast, efficient work that gets the job done.

But we were tired of working this way. We saw our clients were scrambling all over the internet to find contractors for all their needs. Website designers, graphic designers, copywriters and developers....Finding and hiring those professionals takes time.

And to a new business owner, it's chaotic, confusing, and costly.

One you (finally) assemble a team, the work begins. But the designer never talks to the copywriter, and the developer never brainstorms with the art director. The result is brand that's cobbled together with words and images, instead of a cohesive brand platform that looks, and sounds, true to you.


We wanted to be different.

Collaborating allows each of us to bring our whole selves to a project. Because being creative isn’t just about being an artist, and being an artist isn’t confined to a certain skill or project. Being creative is a way of thinking. It’s using our knowledge, emotions, memories and experiences to solve problems, create new solutions and look at things differently.

We believe everyone is creative, so we designed our process to be a true collaboration between a writer, designer, and you. By working together, we can bring all of our talents to the table, instead of staying in our designated corners to crank out our individual crafts on the creative assembly line.

I'm not just a copywriter — I'm a sounding board, a brainstorm, an ideal girl and gentle guide through the entire branding process. Jessica B. isn't just a designer — she's a visual artist, tech maven and natural born encourager.

And you aren’t just a new business owner. Whether you’re a fitness coach or a florist, you’re creative. You bring energy, ideas, and a unique talent with you everywhere you go. You infuse passion into everything you do, and you dream of bigger and better things…. For yourself and for others. You are a pro creative because you’re constantly creating in your business and in your life. You have a lot to give to the branding process, and we welcome working with you to craft a brand that is true to who you are and who you serve.

When you work with a writer and a designer from the beginning, your voice and visuals complement and support each other, so you get clearer, more cohesive, and confident brand. Bonus? You get a couple new friends to help guide you on the journey to the business — and life — of your dreams.  

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